Best Victoria’s Secret Body Mists – Your Scent, Your Personality, Your Style

One of the oldest and surefire accessories you could ever wear is the best scent that lingers wherever you go and soon after you are gone thus, investing in one of the best Victoria’s Secret body mists is a must. It is not just to indulge in your love for fragrance but it also helps you create a lasting and remarkable impression.

However, we know that shopping for and buying the best scent from the line of Victoria’s Secret perfumes and body mists are like looking for a needle in a haystack. You have literally overflowing choices out there and the new ones just keep pouring in. It is understandably overwhelming to shop for the right perfume that perfectly suits you when considering this brand, but there is no other name in the scent business that you would rather have.

Thus, we make sure that we can help you with your quest for your next Victoria’s Secret collection or upgrade because we know what a daunting task it would be, just thinking about it. Our team came up with the list of the best selections, based on numerous factors and put them in different categories, mainly to help you narrow down your choices and make the right choice.

Here is our list of the latest and not so new but absolutely sought-after fragrances in Victoria’s Secret body mist series:

Top 10 Victoria’s Secret Body Mists Of 2019 Reviewed

1. Endless Love Fragrance Mist

Best Victoria’s Secret Body Mist For Daily Use

This collection is from the Secret Garden series and it is one of the highest rated scents for the brand, making it popular for those who want a body mist that they can enjoy spraying on all day and night long. It is the top choice for daily use because of its sweet smell that does not overwhelm the senses while staying on for a longer time.

The fragrance mist comes with the undertones of ylang-ylang, pomegranate, apple blossom, and beach, giving you a smorgasbord of all things fruity that results in a wholesome and clean smell. You can spritz a light fragrance with generous amounts and would still not get enough of the addictive fragrance simply because it matches your lifestyle and personality.

Endless Love Fragrance Mist


  • Ideal for daily use
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatology tested
  • Best choice for mild fragrances


  • The fragrance may not stick longer than perfume
  • Fruity undertone is not sweet  

2. Bombshells in Bloom

Best Victoria’s Secret Body Mist For Floral Scents

You can never go wrong with this floral inspired scent by Victoria’s Secret because it is everything you need for that timeless classic smell. It has the undertones of everything you love, bringing you to that nostalgic journey to your dream garden, whether in real life or in your sweetest dreams.

The Bombshells in Bloom body mist features crisp, floral notes, which are the exact inspiration of your most-loved Bombshell perfume collection. One bottle of this body mist is loaded with the most sophisticated ingredients of pink freesia and water lily with a dash of red apple to balance the senses. You enjoy that forever flirty and sexy scent because that is exactly what you get with this Victoria’s Secret masterpiece.

Bombshells in Bloom


  • Best scent for floral lovers
  • The balance of sweetness that is not overwhelming
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Often sold out

3. Bombshell Body Mist

Best Victoria’s Secret Body Mist For All-Time Favorites

This is the best choice for your Victoria’s Secret body mist collection if you are looking for an eternal favorite because the Bombshell series is a collection to beat. It offers a subtle pleasure with its pleasant and unforgettable fruity floral scent, which delights the senses. The fragrance is not overpowering and most fanatics consider it the “statement scent” for the brand.

Sexy is the tag for this body mist with its blend of Shangri-la yellow peony, purple passion fruit, and vanilla orchid, giving you that glamorous and classically sophisticated smell. Kick-start your day or close the night with a spray of this sweet scent and you can never go wrong with such an all-time favorite.

Bombshell Body Mist


  • A classic scent for all ages
  • Pleasant and not overpowering fruity smell
  • Popular choice


  • Easily sells out
  • Does not last long

4. Very Sexy Body Mist

Best Victoria’s Secret Body Mist For Grown Up Women

You want a sophisticated and classy scent that is not at all juvenile and you get this remarkable fragrance by Victoria’s Secret. The body mist still strikes a balance between sultry and a youthful finish because of its subtle undertones while making sure that you are getting your best weapon for the ultimate seduction.

The body mist contains a perfect and sheerest mixture of the best ingredients such as midnight blackberry, sun-drenched Clementine, and vanilla orchid. It is the ideal body spray for different skin types, personality, and lifestyle but most especially for grown up and sophisticated women who need a fragrance for formal and not so formal events.

Very Sexy Body Mist


  • The scent that leaves a lasting impression
  • Not overpowering
  • Great choice for unique fragrances


  • Not popular with those in younger age groups
  • Smell not too sweet or mild

5. Love Rocks Body Mist

Best Victoria’s Secret Body Mist For Limited Edition Collection

You are a fan of something that is not only unique but limited edition and this Victoria’s Secret body mist is the ideal match for you because it is literally not something you can easily come across with. Unwrap the possibilities for a wild body mist meeting the classic scent for this brand, owing it to its combination of peony, vanilla, violet, and bergamot.

On top of the undoubtedly unique fragrance, this selection also comes with the bloody red and zany packaging, which would absolutely catch your attention. The sweet yet wild scent targets the senses for that lasting impression, especially with a dash of musk and leather in it. Experts suggest this is the perfect companion for casual day outs and day to day use with its mild undertone that does not overpower the senses.

Love Rocks Body Mist


  • An edgy and floral scent with a masculine and strong undertone
  • Strong but not overwhelming
  • Unique fragrance and packaging


  • Pricey due to low availability and high demand

6. Lace Orange Flower Fragrance

Best Victoria’s Secret Body Mist For Long Travel

The body mist selection lasts longer than any other body mists in the long line of Victoria’s Secret collection, giving it its reputation of being the best for long travels without spraying again and again. It is one of the choices you have for the Parfums Intimes series, getting inspiration from the lingerie line of the brand. The specific luxurious materials crafted in the lingerie include silk, satin, cashmere, and most especially, lace.

Thousands of women attest to the remarkable scent of this fragrance mist, which features the combined notes of grapefruit, Chinese Osmanthus, African orange flower, and water. It is absolutely hard to resist the refreshing floral scent that gives out divine and sweet smell to last a long time.

Lace Orange Flower Fragrance


  • The subtle and sweet fragrance
  • Travel-friendly and lasts a long time
  • Woody and orange blossom undertones


  • Maybe too expensive due to limited stocks

7. Be My Wish Fragrance Mist

Best Victoria’s Secret Body Mist For Aromatherapy

Victoria’s Secret may have had a change of mind when they launched this limited edition fragrance mist in 2011 because continuing its production proved to be a wiser business choice. Women love the Be My Wish series of body mist because of its fruity and sweet notes given its raspberry and velvety plum blend.

The refreshing and crisp feeling is suitable for all age groups and most importantly, it gives out that aromatic and therapeutic effect. One of the best features of this fragrance mist is that it could effectively last longer than other body mists, which you need to spray every now and then.

Be My Wish Fragrance Mist


  • Aromatherapy effect
  • Clean, crisp, and fruity scent
  • Lasts longer than other body mists


  • Limited edition so not easily available
  • Pricey due to high demand

8. Amber Romance

Best Victoria’s Secret Body Mist For The Best Value

The delicate and refreshing body mist is like seduction in a bottle but it is absolutely within your budget range because this is by far the best value for your money. You will never go wrong with the fragrance because it is a scent with inspiration from the secret garden concept of the brand, giving you that remarkable floral undertone.

Revitalize your senses with this collection that features an infusion of calming chamomile and moisturizing Aloe Vera in one crisp and clean fragrance. It is the ideal choice if you are dreaming of a delicately scented scene that is perfect even for sensitive skin. You can spray the mist all over your body without that overpowering smell, making it the best choice for everyday use.

Amber Romance


  • Affordable
  • Refreshing and clean scent
  • Good for daily use


  • The scent may not last long
  • Very mild fragrance

9. Pink Fresh & Clean Body Mist

Best Victoria’s Secret Body For The Summer

Summer is the best season to enjoy the outdoors and go wherever you want to whether it is the beach or up the mountains for camping and trails. However, make sure you are never without your favorite Victoria’s Secret body mist that is perfect for the summer. The Pink Fresh & Clean fragrance mist is the top-rated choice for this particular season and even all year round.

One of the best features of this body mist is its quick absorbing property, making it last longer especially under the conditions in the outdoors and during the warm months of summer. The refreshing and clean scent also offers a conditioning after-effect because of its Aloe Vera ingredient while the longer-lasting and subtle hint of fragrances boosts impression. It also comes with layers of moisturizing and scented body butter.

Pink Fresh & Clean Body Mist


  • Scent absorbs quickly
  • Longer lasting smell
  • Fresh and clean undertone


  • The smell could be overpowering

10. Passion Struck Body Mist

Best Victoria’s Secret Body Mist For Date Nights

Your date night could never be this perfect without the right scent that would capture the moment especially if you are looking for that seductive and alluring ambiance. The Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Passion Struck body mist would absolutely ignite the senses and ensure intensity and passion with every spray.

The fruity undertone blends with the sweet notes to give that sultry and captivating fragrance all over. On top of the refreshing and clean scent, you would absolutely love the long lasting smell that you could not get from other fragrance mists on the long Victoria’s Secret series of seduction perfumes.

Passion Struck Body Mist


  • Perfect for date nights or days
  • The sweet and not overpowering scent
  • Great packaging and look


  • Smell is too mild or mellow

How To Choose Best Victoria’s Secret Body Mists

The body mist is your best alternative if you know that you cannot wear perfume because they could be too overpowering they could give you a major headache. The milder and refreshing scents of body mists would not make you feel miserable rather make you enjoy a clean scent that you absolutely love. The good news is that Victoria’s Secret offers the most generous line of body mist to choose from, depending on your personality and preferences.

There are important factors you should absolutely consider when looking for the right body mist to add to your existing collection or start a new hobby. It could be a daunting and challenging task to shop, compare, and finally make up your mind in buying Victoria’s Secret body mist but we assure you that it is absolutely worth it.

What exactly should you look for in the best Victoria’s Secret body mist?


VS body mists are not created equal and they all have their unique scents to ensure their trademark thus, you must also know what you really want for your fragrance mist. There are two major groups in this category namely the floral and fruity scents but in most cases, the fruity and floral undertones were perfectly blended. Some people do not like the fruity scent and prefer the floral notes but others are the total opposite. In some cases, you may want a balance of both the floral and fruity undertones. No matter what your choice may be, there is always the perfect VS body mist just for you.


Let’s face it, not all Victoria’s Secret body mist collections are readily available and accessible on the market and this is one essential factor you should highly consider. You would want a particular fragrance mist but it is one of the limited edition choices and this could be a huge turndown. Some fragrance mists are available on the Internet or the nearest brick and mortar store but not all of it though. It is best that you know where you can find especially the ones that are hard to come by. If not, it could be a wise idea to find another scent that you could get once you need a refill of your fragrance wardrobe.


Victoria’s Secret is a brand that offers a wide assortment of body mist with different undertones, accessibility, and most of all, price range. Thus, the cost of the fragrance mist is an important consideration especially if you are in a tight budget or you want to make a practical investment. You can always check online stores and sellers because they often give discounted prices for their products. Just make sure they are authentic ones because some are mere copies or alternatives.


Take into consideration that body mists are not like your usual eau de parfum or perfumes that have high concentrations or oil-based ingredients, making them last longer. Fragrance mists may not necessarily stay on for hours or the entire day, thus, you need to spray it on again after some time. If longevity is not an issue for you, then body mists is the best choice for your fragrance collection.

Final Words

Victoria’s Secret is no doubt one of the most trusted and highly preferred brands of perfumes and body mists on the market then and now. It is high time you shop and get the right fragrance mist for your collection especially with the new releases of scents from the ever-growing VS collection. The first thing you need to do is to research the scents available before you narrow down your choice and make an informed shopping decision.

The best Victoria’s Secret body mist will match your personality, style, and personal preference, on top of being the perfect match for your budget. Read our comprehensive review and enjoy your shopping spree to stay fragrant and fresh all day and night!

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