5 Key Steps for Creating a Perfect Look

Image is powerful. How you look speaks volume about you. While it is true that people shouldn’t be judged according to appearance, it is more certainly true that you still need to take care of yourself. It is not because you want to please others, but to help you feel good and right.

In this post, let us discover the different steps to creating the ideal look for you. Take some time to read, consider the points from this post and see how you can improve yourself.


styleWhether you already have your own style or not, it is important that what you choose is something you are comfortable with. Find clothes that speak your personality and express how you feel.

Of course, it does not hurt to experiment, see what you can improve, and change your fashion statement. You may look for inspiration from magazines, fashion stylists, fashion trends, celebrities, and other sources. Visit your favorite clothing shops and just try on clothes of different shapes, colors, sizes, and brands. You might just discover what you are looking for.


In this day and age, it seems that getting makeup tutorials, tips, and tricks are just everywhere. You can read about them on the Internet, learn about them by taking a makeup course or simply, by asking a friend.

Thus, let me just give you a few important tips about makeup.

To start off, make sure that you have a clean, fresh, and moisturize face before using any product. When using a concealer, don’t use it as a foundation on your eyelid to prevent your eye makeup from creasing.

MakeupUse the right tools and accessories for better application and coverage. There are certain advantages when you use a makeup brush compared to just using your bare hands or fingers.

Finally, understand your skin. Everyone is different. A set of makeup may be good for someone but not for another person. Once you know which makeup compliments your skin tone very well, you should have a better idea on how to apply makeup.


You would be surprised how a simple accessory can improve your look. Accessories may include sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, watches, bags, hats, scarves, rings, shoes, belts, hairpins, bracelets and a lot more.

Consider accessories as the icing on your cake. By being creative with your accessories, you can create a completely new look even if you use the same pieces of clothing.

AccessoriesHere are some quick tips when using accessories.

First, choose accessories that complement the color of your outfit and complexion. Don’t simply wear all a single color, from your hat to your shoes. It is more visually appealing to wear about two or three colors that don’t clash with each other.

Second, the size of your chosen accessories should be comparable to your size. For example, if you are a little big and you use a skinny belt, then you will look bigger than you should be. Alternatively, being a tiny person means that you shouldn’t use oversized necklace or bracelet as it makes you smaller.

Finally, use accessories appropriately. If you are going to a formal gathering, don’t use loud and attention-grabbing accessories. Go for something classic and discreet. Consider what occasion you will be joining and from there, you get an idea which accessories to use.


Your hair is like a crown on your head and it plays a vital role in making you look beautiful. So, how can you know which hairstyle is the best for you?

HairstyleThe first thing you need to do is know your face shape. Having a square face means that you should have soft layers or waves of hair to soften your sharp angles. Alternatively, if your face is ‘round,’ going for the long, layered bobs is your best bet along with other hairstyles such as fringe bangs and layered hair.

If you want to spice things up, you can change the color of your hair. Just be sure that it complements your skin complexion and other facial features.

If you are serious about hairstyles, it might help if you visit a barber school or talk to a hairstylist and ask for any advice.

Feel beautiful

Now, this is something that I can’t overemphasize enough. Looking beautiful starts with how you feel about yourself. People might have the most expensive and latest sets of makeup but if they still don’t have the confidence to show their inner beauty, then it would be useless.

Feel beautifulIn truth, you are already beautiful just the way you are, even before you put on your makeup. Everyone is unique and beautiful.

Thus, feel beautiful, confident, and happy with how you look, and everything will just fall in the right place.  

Final thoughts

These are just some of the best steps that you should take if you want to look your best. Quite frankly, there are more to know about this topic.

Read more and gather as much information. If it is possible, consult a fashion or beauty specialist. Don’t be afraid to try new things and discover what else you can do to look and stay beautiful.