10 Best Silicone Wedding Rings for Men with Active Lifestyle

‘I DO’…two words that will change your life forever. Not only do they signify a lifetime commitment to your partner but also come with nothing but jubilation with family and friends. Wedding rings are the global age-old sign that you are ‘taken’. Couples are known to go all out when picking their bands and rightfully so since this is one jewelry that you will wear every day of your married life.

Weddings don’t come cheap, everything from securing a picturesque venue to setting up a wedding registry will cost you a lot of time, money and energy. So if you are looking to save a buck or two (-everyone is, right?) or want a ring to suit your active lifestyle, then a silicone wedding ring is a superb choice.

Silicone wedding rings;

  • Save you money
  • Are suitable for an active lifestyle
  • Are comfortable and non-reactive

Truth be told; silicone wedding bands are a new trend in the industry that has quickly become popular among couples. In this review, we have compiled the best silicone wedding rings of 2019 that will fit right into your wedding theme and remain a symbol of your love for a lifetime.

Top 10 Silicone Wedding Rings of 2020 Reviewed

1. ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Men

Best Silicone Wedding Ring for Men

As a man you would want a ring that will fit right into your finger and remain put as you carry out your daily tasks. Well, the ROQ silicone wedding ring is a great choice especially because it’s been designed by one of the leading brands in the industry. It has a metallic look but is actually made of silicone rubber. This design gives it unbeatable agility and unrivaled durability. The premium material used is medical grade and hypo allergic which ensures that your finger is safe from any corrosion or skin reactions.

With a width of 8mm and a thickness of 2mm, this ring is a perfect size for your masculine hands. ROQ has provided a sizing chart with over 13 sizes available which ensures that you won’t lack a ring to fit your finger. The available colors are black, silver, black camo and grey. You will realize that all these colors are exquisite and masculine to meet your preferences.

Additionally, you get a lifetime warranty on the ring and why not since this ring will remain on your finger for life.  While you can opt to go for a single ring, there’s also an option to get a 4 pack of these versatile rings. This package will save you money and provide you with an option when you want to change your rings from time to time – or when your ring falls down the drain!

ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Men



  • Made of medical grade, hypo allergic material
  • Over 13 sizes available
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • More of a matte finish, not metallic
  • Not ideal for moist hands
  • May loosen with time

2. ThunderFit Silicone Rings

Best Silicone Wedding Ring for Harsh Environments

Do you work in intense environments where risks of hand injuries and accidents are high? Then it would be wise to say I do to this stylish yet extremely safe silicone wedding ring from ThunderFit. It has been specially designed for active lifestyles such as biking, weight lifting and other intense physical activities. Safety comes first with this ring and the silicone material used can handle extreme conditions and is flexible on your finger.

The ring is available in five colors; bronze, black, camo, gold and gray all of which are manly and exquisite. You can also go for the 7 pack option which has a variety of colors allowing you to switch it up once in a while or easily replace your ring in case you lose it. You will also get a one year exclusive warranty from the manufacturer.

ThunderFit Silicone Rings



  • Keeps your finger safe from ring avulsion
  • Available in a 7 pack
  • Flexible silicone material


  • Ring can grip on things
  • Color changes after some time
  • Not for sensitive skin

3. Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring for Men

Best Value Silicone Wedding Ring

The softness and flexibility of this silicone wedding ring from Rinfit will blow you away. It’s made of high grade silicone material with its unique design awaiting a patent from the U.S. Its designed with active professionals in mind and provides a safe ring for your busy lifestyle. The ring has a width of 9mm and a thickness of 2mm that fits comfortably on your finger. The sizes range between 7 and 14 allowing you to find one that will fit snugly on your finger.

Most men prefer neutral colors and this brand has factored this into these rings with three cool colors available; black, blue and grey. Each ring has the Rinfit logo engraved on the outside that blends in well with the craftsmanship of this ring.


Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring for Men


  • Patent pending design
  • Available in 3 neutral colors
  • Snug fit


  • Breathability could be better
  • A bit wide
  • May leave marks on your finger

4. Egnaro Silicone Wedding Ring for Men

Best Medical Grade Silicone Wedding Ring

Egnaro is a popular name around the silicone rings’ circles and this stylish ring is one of their best works yet. Designed to meet the diverse needs of a married man, the ring has unique diamond patterns on the inside that make it breathable and prevents moisture from building up around your finger. You won’t have to worry about getting those whitish ring marks on your finger even when you sweat.

The ring is made using medical grade silicone material that doesn’t corrode, react, rust, smudge or stain from sweating. The edges have a clear cut design that enhances the ring’s silhouette and builds up to the expert craftsmanship of this band. With a thickness of 2mm, the ring is light in weight yet visible and attractive on your finger. The optimized dimensions provide you with ultimate comfort as you gym, climb mountains, ride to work or any other part of your daily hustle.

The rings are available in several stylish colors such as camo green, UV turns blue, bronze, metal gold and dark blue among others. You can also opt for the four pack that comes with different colors and provides you with flexibility. The ring is available in 8 sizes that range from 17.3mm to 22.64mm so you are sure to get a band to fit your needs.

Egnaro Silicone Wedding Ring for Men




  • Expertly crafted
  • Available in multiple stylish colors
  • Doesn’t leave sweat marks


  • May slip off when wet
  • Dulls with time
  • Not for intense tasks

5. Honor Eternity Ring  Silicone Ring Wedding Band for Men

Best Simple Silicone Wedding Ring

Simplicity goes hand in hand with masculinity and this silicone wedding ring from Honor Eternity Rings will bring out this element in you. It comes in a plain yet exquisite design that is a great alternative to metallic rings. The ring is made using silicone material with a tensile strength of 183N so that you are guaranteed of longevity without it losing shape.

The design process involves shaping it on a stainless steel mold which doesn’t leave rugged edges once the process is complete. The ring is ideal for a man working in a harsh environment since its light in weigh, comfortable and doesn’t conduct electricity. The ring is safe and isn’t corroded by chemicals or acids. The ring is waterproof and highly breathable allowing circulation of air around your finger.

The ring is available in a variety of colors that include neutrals such as graphite gray, jet black and space grey to more bold colors such as brick red and purple passion. There’s also over 12 sizes to choose from so you are guaranteed to find something that fits your finger.

Honor Eternity Ring Silicone Ring Wedding Band for Men



  • Simple design with no rough edges
  • Doesn’t react with chemicals and acid
  • Highly breathable


  • Quite thick
  • Some find it too simple
  • Sizing is a headache

6. Saco Band Silicone Ring for Men

Best  Silicone Wedding Ring with Safety Features

Show off your unique personality by wearing this silicone wedding ring from Saco Band. This trendy ring is made of high grade silicone with hypo allergic properties making it ideal even for sensitive hands. The ring has a width of 8.7mm and is light in weight providing you with unrivalled comfort.

As a safety measure, the ring is designed to break away when it accidentally jams, pinches or extreme pressure is applied. There are ten sizes to choose from and the product comes with a full sizing guarantee where you can return and get a replacement in case the ring doesn’t fit right. The ring is available as a single piece or you can opt for the value pack that comes with seven rings.

There are multiple colors available including laid back colors such as black, brass, camo and dark blue with shiny gold if you love something sparkling. If metallic rings aren’t your thing, then this silicone band is a great match.

Saco Band Silicone Ring for Men




  • Ring has hypo allergic properties
  • Light in weight
  • Full sizing guarantee


  • May run big
  • Attracts lint easily
  • May peel with time

7. ThunderFit Womens’ Triangle Diamond Stackable Rings

Best Silicone Wedding Ring for Women

Remain true to the vows you made to your husband by wearing these Triangle Diamond Stackable Rings from Thunderfit. The rings are made of medical grade silicone which is highly flexible and durable. For safety, the ring breaks when pressure on it exceeds 43 pounds. The top of the ring is extremely smooth with an ergonomic design with a comfort fit on the inside that will feel great around your fingers. The flexibility of this ring makes it a great choice for ladies with large knuckles or fingers that regularly get swollen.

Ladies love color and these rings are full of it. Each pack of 4 rings has one that is full of glitter with bright colors such as teal, purple, metallic gold and shiny gold. You will also get a one year warranty on the rings from the manufacturer.

ThunderFit Womens Triangle Diamond Stackable Rings



  • Breaks away when pressure exceeds 43 pounds
  • Lady-friendly colors with glitter
  • Highly flexible


  • Not shiny
  • May stretch too fast
  • A bit flimsy

8. Mokani Silicone Wedding Ring for Women

Best Silicone Wedding Ring for Women with Slim Fingers

The Mokani silicone wedding rings are a popular choice among the ladies securing them a place on the best seller list on Amazon. The rings come in a wide range of stylish colors giving you numerous options to suit your daily active life. The silicone used to make the rings is medical grade with hypo allergic properties making them great for ladies with ultra-sensitive hands. The ring is highly flexible and can be worn for long periods of time without becoming loose.

For extra protection, the ring is 3mm thick and 2mm wide so that it sits nicely on your finger. The rings come with a number code to guide on sizing with the sizes available are 4 to 10. The rings come in three options; a seven-pack, a four-pack and as a single ring. The Mokani rings have a braided design that will compliment any lady’s finger. The ring(s) are highly flexible and can be worn during workouts, household chores and any other intense activity.

Due to the wide variety of colors available and the rings’ affordable price tag, most ladies end up choosing several of them so as to stack them on the finger. Your lady will love these silicone rings – even those with extremely thin fingers.

Mokani Silicone Wedding Ring for Women



  • Ideal for ultra-sensitive fingers
  • Highly flexible and comfortable
  • Available in a wide variety of colors


  • Quite thick
  • Not ideal for very large fingers
  • Stacking reduces breathability

9. ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Women

Best FDA-Approved Silicone Wedding Ring for Women

ROQ designers bring you these trendy and beautifully-crafted wedding silicone rings that will look good on any lady. It’s made of premium silicone material that’s medical grade with hypo allergic properties making the ring ideal for sensitive fingers. The silicone rubber used to make this ring is FDA-approved with non-carcinogenic properties and doesn’t react with chemicals. It’s also non-conductive which eliminates shock and burning when it comes in contact with electric current.

Ladies whose fingers swell due to pregnancy, arthritis and diabetes among other conditions will find that this ring is designed to adjust to any swelling. The rings have a tensile strength of 608 Psi and has a breaking point of an average of 19.65 pounds of force. At breaking point, the ring elongates to between 180% and 476%.

The rings have an extremely comfortable fit and can be used for all manner of activities. It’s so light that you won’t feel it around your finger. Better yet, the rings come in all the colors you could imagine; marble white with black, turquoise, white with pink glitters and many other color options. The rings come with a lifetime guarantee to last you through your life with a no questions asked return policy.

ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Women




  • Made of FDA-approved premium silicone material
  • Light and flexible
  • High tensile strength


  • May leave white marks when moist
  • Too thick
  • Fits too tight

10. Rinfit  Women’s Silicone Wedding Ring 

Last but definitely not the least is this beautifully designed silicone wedding ring from Rinfit. The stack able ring definitely stands out due to its master craftsmanship and intricate design. It has elegant lines that have been finely contoured giving it a modern stylish look. So beautiful is the design that it has a pending patent from the U.S government. The rings come in mix and match colors where as a lady you can pick from the many options available to suit all your occasions.

The ring is part of Rinfit’s ‘Couture Collection’ that has been exclusively designed for the modern woman. The available sizes start from size 4 so that even a lady with very slim fingers can get a ring that fits. These stackable rings are safe and comfortable for an active lifestyle. Rinfit products come with a premium replacement warranty so that you can easily get a replacement when the ring doesn’t fit or you aren’t impressed with it for whatever reason.


Rinfit Designed Silicone Wedding Ring for Women


  • Masterly crafted
  • Stackable
  • Numerous color options available


  • Reduced breathability
  • Not adjustable to swelling
  • Not shiny

How to Choose the Best Silicone Wedding Ring – Buying Guide

‘To love and to hold…till death do us part’ Love is in the air and you are ready to say these words to your cherished life partner. Congratulations for getting this far in your love life. The excitement that comes with holding a wedding is incomparable to no other. From bringing your loved ones to listen to you say your vows to serving scrumptious wedding treats to your guests, weddings are awesome.

That said, the highlight of any wedding is exchanging rings as a sign of a lifetime commitment to your soul mate. Every bride has a mental picture of their ideal wedding ring; something sparkly, fits right and compliments their fingers. Traditional metallic rings don’t come cheap; well unless you are lucky enough to have a family heirloom passed down to you. For this reason, silicone wedding rings have become a favorite choice among couples.

Why Choose a Silicone Wedding Ring over Traditional Metallic Rings?

The number of lovebirds opting for silicone wedding rings has grown tremendously over the years. There’s no denying the low price of these rings is a major contributor to their popularity. But that’s not the only factor that’s making more and more couples go for them. Others include;

  • Safety – Once the wedding is over and you are back to your active lifestyle, you will want jewelry that doesn’t hamper your productivity. If your profession involves a lot of handy work such as plumbing, military duty, weight lifting among others, you don’t want a ring that keeps getting pinched or stuck on stuff. No chance of that when wearing a silicone ring.
  • Versatility – Traditional wedding bands are either gold or silver. With silicone wedding bands, you will get all manner of colors from neutral colors of black and dark blue to bright, bold colors such as pink, fuchsia and red.
  • Convenience – Many married couples often remove their rings for chores and most rings end up lost or misplaced. Good thing is, you don’t have to constantly remove your silicone wedding ring every time you want to carry out a task.

Features of Silicone Wedding Rings

The design of a silicone ring is pretty simple and straight forward. The edges are usually smooth with no sharp or abrupt parts. Inside the ring, you may find recessed grooves that help reduce contact with your skin and increase air circulation.

Most have air ports that allow moisture out which prevents white marks around your finger. The outer top of the ring is soft which makes sure the adjacent fingers are comfortable. Mens’ silicone wedding rings have a low profile which enhances their masculinity while still symbolizing their commitment to their wedding vows.

Getting the Right Size of your Silicone Wedding Ring

Most credible silicone wedding rings brands provide you with a sizing chart that will help you select the right size of a wedding ring. Usually, silicone wedding rings for women start from size 4 which helps accommodate women with slim fingers. The men’s sizes can go up to 14 to provide those with big hands a snug fitting ring. You may want to measure your ring finger before settling on a particular size. Most brands offer you a no questions asked return policy if the ring doesn’t fit.

Medical Grade Silicone Wedding Rings

The material used to make these alternative wedding bands is primarily silicone which varies in quality. To ensure that you enjoy wearing your ring for a long time, choosing one made of medical grade silicone is highly advised. Such a material has hypo allergic properties that are ideal for those with sensitive hands since they won’t react with your fingers. Such rings are also resistant to chemicals, acids and other corrosive substances giving them an edge over their metallic counterparts.

Will I Regret Not Going for a Traditional Wedding Band?

While we can’t give you’re a concrete answer for this question, we can guarantee that you will be blown away by the flexibility of opting for a silicone ring. Look at it this way, you spend a fortune on your high end metallic ring and within a few months you can barely get anything done while wearing it.

At this point, you will definitely have some regret for not going for that affordable and versatile silicone wedding ring.  However, you can go for both options where the traditional one is specifically for the wedding day and a few special occasions while the silicone one is for your daily lifestyle.

Just How Cheap Are Silicone Wedding Rings?

As we have mentioned before, the key selling point of these rings is their incredibly low pricing point – of course compared to the metallic ones. A quality traditional wedding ring can start at around $400 in price and run into thousands of dollars depending on how much bling and sparkle you want on your band.

For silicone rings, most will fall in a price range of $6 and rarely exceed $30 for a single piece. Better yet, some brands have an option to pick a value pack that may contain 4 pieces or seven pieces with multiple colors. How affordable is that?

What to Avoid When Buying a Silicone Wedding Ring

One of the biggest complaints about these types of rings is that they quickly lose shape and become loose in a short period of time. Unfortunately, you will come across cheap wedding silicone rings that are simple rubber rings that are often imitations and flimsy in nature. Not only do they lose shape in a few weeks but may damage your finger due to temperature changes.

Do All Silicone Wedding Rings Leave White Marks on the Finger?

No. White marks form on your finger when a ring has poor air circulation around your finger. The marks may also form when the ring traps moisture when cleaning or when one has sweaty hands. A quality ring is usually masterly crafted on the inside to allow for air circulation; it may have grooves or be quite thick to prevent direct contact with the skin.

Alternatives to Silicone Wedding Rings

What if your lady is not digging the whole silicone wedding ring vibe? What if her dream has always been wearing a shiny diamond ring for rest of her life? No need to panic or get fussy about it. You can make her dreams come true by picking a classic metallic wedding ring or a stone cut wedding ring. Of course this will set you back a buck or two, but anything to see your lady smile on her big day right?

Let’s Wrap Up….                

What’s more to say about silicone wedding rings? In this review, you have come across all sort of rings; from stackable silicone wedding rings to wedding rings for sweaty hands. There’s a wide range of options for you to choose from and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t say I do to your heart mate with this dynamic ring. Tick one thing off your hectic wedding to do list by securing a pair of the best silicone weddings rings available in the market today.