Best Men’s Handkerchiefs To Take You Through The Flu Season

Naturally, men are not known to carry a handkerchief around unlike women who never lack one or two in their handbags. However, this important cloth is essential especially during flu season when sneezing and a running nose is the order of the day. Normally, men prefer using any tissue that’s in the vicinity during such times but a handkerchief isn’t only hygienic but it’s easier to carry around than a pack of tissues.

In the past, one was considered a gentleman for offering a lady a hankie when in distress. Well, as the modern world evolves and chivalry becomes a thing of the past, it’s still nice to have this simple yet important cloth with you.

You will be amazed at the number of brands that stock men’s handkerchiefs. Most of them present them in a pack which is awesome since it ensures that you never run out of a hankie. As a woman, getting a pack of good quality handkerchiefs would be an ideal gift for your special man, son, brother or even a male friend who never has a handkerchief nearby. Allow us to indulge you in some of the best men’s handkerchiefs available in the market that will come in handy when you have an atchoo moment out there.

Top 10 Men’s Handkerchiefs Of 2019 Reviewed

1. Rico Cotton Pure White Handkerchief

Best Cotton Hankie

A plain white hankie is a symbol of elegance and style which is evident in this cotton handkerchief. Made of 100% cotton which is a great material due to its high absorption rate and durability. It’s also soft and smooth and not harsh on your nose. The hankies come in a pack of six which is a good number so that you never run out of them.

The edges are neatly sewn which not only makes this handkerchief look beautiful but it also ensures that it doesn’t pipe on the sides. Measuring 16cm by 16 cm, the size is adequate and won’t out to be a pocket square. You are advised to hand wash it using a gentle detergent to ensure longevity. However, you may need to iron them after washing.

Rico Cotton Pure White Handkerchief


  • Good fabric
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautifully sewn on the edges


  • May wrinkle easily
  • May shrink after washing
  • The hem may run after some time

2. Ohuhu Men’s Cotton Handkerchiefs

Best 12 Pack Set

Looking for a hankie that can also double up as a pocket square? Then this set of 12 deluxe handkerchiefs will be a great fit. They are made of 100% cotton and are an excellent accessory for any outfit. They have beautiful patterns that are not only fashionable but they take the boredom out of the usual old hankies.

The fabric is soft and absorbent with advanced moisture wicking abilities coupled with hypo allergic properties for even those with sensitive noses. The hankie has a contemporary design with a classic look that easily transforms into a pocket square for a more fashionable look.  For easy cleaning, just throw them into the washing machine for a quick wash.

Ohuhu Men's Cotton Handkerchiefs


  • Moisture-wicking abilities
  • Hypoallergic
  • Easy to clean


  • Shrivel after a wash
  • Lots of imitations
  • Tiny

3. Geoffrey Beene 5 Pack Men’s Handkerchief

Best Classic White Hankie

Functional and fashionable are the two words to best describe these set of five hankies that come in a beautiful gift set. Made of 100% woven cotton, they have immense wicking abilities which allow it to absorb mucus and any fluid efficiently. The hankie has beautiful tonal stripes that add to the beauty of this handkerchief.  They can also double up as a pocket square when wearing a suit.

Geoffrey Beene 5 Pack Men's Handkerchief


  • Highly absorbent
  • Tonal stripes for added beauty
  • Comes in a gift set


  • A bit thin
  • Low thread count
  • Not very soft

4. GB Classic Men’s Handkerchiefs

Best Thick Hankies

Made of 100% 60S cotton, this handkerchief is heavy and highly absorbent. It comes in a set of 12 white pieces which are large enough but not too bulky for your pocket. The design is that of a classic solid white handkerchief with the edges beautifully sewn to ensure longevity. It can also be monogrammed and turned into a personalized gift.

The hankie has a smooth feel which is frictionless and can be used by gentlemen as a pocket to add some style into your suit. It’s machine washable and may be stiff on the purchase but gets softer as you continue washing it.

GB Classic Men's Handkerchiefs


  • Not bulky
  • Smooth and frictionless
  • Machine washable


  • Stiff at first
  • Need ironing after a wash
  • Quite heavy

5. Van Heusen 6 Pack Fine Handkerchiefs

Van Heusen is one of the most recognizable brands in the fashion industry when it comes to quality and good craftsmanship. The same is evident in this 6 pack of crisp white handkerchiefs made of 100% cotton. Since the fabric is finely combed, they have no friction and are smooth on the hands of any gentleman. They make a great gift for gentlemen and those that love a classic looking white hankie.

Van Heusen 6 pack Fine Handkerchiefs


  • Frictionless
  • Absorbent
  • No need to iron


  • Thin
  • Not for heavy blowing
  • Not the best quality

6. Zenssia Handkerchief Gift Set

Best Colored Hankie

If you love pomp of colors on your fashion accessories, then this set of six beautifully crafted handkerchiefs will be a match made in heaven. They are made of 60s cotton which above the standard 30s/40s that’s commonly used in the market. For this reason, these hankies are naturally soft and have hypo allergic features even for sensitive skin.

They come in five different patterns but each set has 6 pieces with 2 different colors of each. The handkerchief is stiff at first but gets softer after each wash. It may also shrink after the wash but doesn’t get too tiny.

Zenssia Handkerchief Gift Set


  • Beautiful patterns
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to clean


  • Shrinks after washing
  • Stiff at first
  • Can’t be monogrammed

7. Leevo Handkerchief

Best Thread Count

It’s rare to come across such fine detail in such a small piece of cloth. This masterly crafted pieces of handkerchiefs have individual classic designs where each come in an individual craft paper and one bulk paper making them an ideal gift to any man regardless of their age. The thread count is 3440 (60/1) which is quite thin but highly absorbent. These hankies are durable, frictionless and feel good in your hands.

The warp is 96 while the weft is 98 which implies that the yarn density both horizontal and vertical is almost equal so that this hankie remains in shape many years. For easy cleaning, hand washing is highly recommended.

Leevo Handkerchief


  • Don’t lose shape
  • Beautifully stitched
  • Durable and frictionless.


  • A bit pricey
  • Shrink when machine washed
  • Some find them too colorful

8. Hankytex Men’s Handkerchiefs

The thinness of a handkerchief depends on the yarn count where the higher the number, the thinner the fabric. For this particular hankie, the fabric is 60s cotton which is better than the 30s/40s that’s commonly used by most hankies. It also has a line of seams at the edges which ensures that it doesn’t pipe after continued use. The pack contains 12 pieces of hankies which not only gives you value for money but ensures you never run out of this fashionable accessory.

Hankytex Men’s Handkerchiefs


  • Value for money
  • Smooth and durable
  • Adsorbent


  • Need several washes to soften
  • Some find it too thin
  • Get a bit wrinkled

9. Neatpal 100% Cotton Men’s Handkerchiefs

The neat craftsmanship on these hankies is one of the most attractive things on these hankies that are made of 100% 60s cotton. They are soft and smooth with almost proportional yard density so that the hankie doesn’t lose shape for a long time. The hankies are highly functional with a 400 thread count which makes them thick enough for everyday use. The checkered design is attractive and comes in a variety of patterns which can also be converted into a pocket square. For maximum care, you are advised to hand wash them in a basin of lukewarm water.

Neatpal 100% Cotton Men's Handkerchiefs


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Moisture wicking
  • Long lasting


  • Need to be ironed after washing
  • The threads run easily
  • Quite small

10. Selected Hanky 100% Cotton Men’s Handkerchief

For those who are sensitive and allergic to harsh clothes, then you will glad to learn that this hankie is made of 100% organic cotton with superior hypoallergenic properties. This pack of 6 beautifully crafted hankies will make a great gift. The patterns have a vintage look and each set comes with three different color sets.

The fabric is neither too thick nor too thin giving it good moisture wicking properties and also advanced antibacterial features. The hankies may shrink a little after the first wash but hold out well after that.

Selected Hanky 100% Cotton Men's Handkerchief


  • Antibacterial features
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Vintage look


  • Shrink on the first wash
  • Coarse cotton weave
  • Need ironing

How To Choose Best Handkerchiefs For Men

There’s a saying that ‘Chivalry is when a gentleman hands a lady in tears a hankie’. Well, that’s rare nowadays but it’s one of the reasons a man should carry a handkerchief around. Of course, men prefer using paper towels when having the flu but someone with allergies will agree that doing so isn’t only cumbersome but it also aggravates the situation.

By using a hankie, you get to conveniently wipe away any fluids without harming the environment unlike with paper towels.

Types of Handkerchiefs

  • Cotton handkerchiefs – Before the onset of paper tissues, there was good old white cotton hankies. These hankies have are plain and simply designed with stitched seams at the edges and often come in a square shape. They are mostly associated with formal wear.
  • Monogrammed handkerchiefs – This type of hankies has become popular and is often used to accessorize semi-formal outfits. They usually contain elegantly woven designs and may even have embroidery for added beauty. They are also quite large in size, have a cross-woven pattern while the edges are usually hand stitched.
  • Personalized handkerchiefs – Just like the name, these hankies usually have special messages printed on them and make excellent gifts. The message can also be embroidered where sweet messages are woven into the fabric.
  • Vintage handkerchiefs – When it comes to luxury as far as handkerchiefs go, then vintage is the most luxurious as it goes. They are usually made of virgin cotton and are easily identified by their hand rolled edges. They are often reserved for special occasions and not for everyday use.
  • Silk handkerchiefs – Another common name for such hankies is pocket squares which are used to add sophistication to a garment especially a suit. They have to be visible thus are placed on the breast pocket and don’t come cheap.

What factors do you need to keep in mind when choosing the ideal handkerchief? Here’s some:

  • Fabric – Usually cotton is the most common fabric used to make handkerchiefs since its naturally soft and quickly wicks moisture. However, you will find others with a blend of polysynthetic fabrics that are equally good.
  • Edges – The edges are usually stitched to prevent the hankie from having running threads and to remain in shape for a long time.
  • Thread count – The more the thread count, the thicker the hankie and the better the absorption rate of fluids.
  • Yard density – When weaving the hankies, the designers ensure that the warp and the weft are almost proportional to ensure a good shape even after washing.


Having a set of quality handkerchiefs is a plus for any gentleman. Are you wondering what to gift a man on a special occasion? A gift set of hankies wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Do you have serious allergies and is tired of using paper towels every time you sneeze? Then it’s about time you made that switch to good old hankies. Hopefully, our insight has provided an insight into some of the best men’s handkerchiefs out there and it will be easier for you to pick something that’s not only functional but also fashionable.

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